Let’s Build “The New Victorias”

Welcome to Terra Ville. Welcome to the genesis of “The New Victorias” .




woman in red car

The TerraVille Story

When we first saw Victorias three years ago, it was a plain canvass.

victorias field

It was flourishing in verdant plains and joyous people starting to enrich themselves through working abroad, growing micro-enterprises, and working as professionals in the town and in Bacolod.


We saw one thing missing. There was a lack of quality houses built on well-designed villages. Because of this, there was a sad residential movement away from Victorias City.

This movement has to stop. Victorias is a town nourished in nature’s abundance and sweetness. It is a city where lagoons and waterfalls are close to where people live. The traditional culture is celebrated with much glee.

That very time, we know our mission has started.

The town has potential to be a lauded eco-city in Visayas. Victorias was the richest in sugar in Asia, but there is even more to Victorias than sugar. The whole place can be as sweet as sugar, yet what people see is a plain town. They think that they have to go somewhere to enjoy the convenient city life.

In 2009, we started a small village. We filled it with simple but quality and spacious houses. The people were very happy and 80% of the village was sold.


Now, we have just started.


With you Victoriahanons, BeneTerra Realty dreams to create “The New Victorias” in the future.

Now, we invite you to enjoy our website.



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