8 Things to love with Rural Living

You wake up feeling refreshed. Verdant views fill your window. The sound of birds greet you. You feel more alive when you live in a house and lot in a rural area.

You live in a safe environment. You leave your keys in your truck. Your house is unlocked. Your dogs are the best doorbell.

You don’t have to worry where your food is coming from. Your food doesn’t have unknown additives, hormones, enhancers, and other stuff that just isn’t good for you. You will live a longer life than if you had stayed in the city.

Things are growing all around you. You are surrounded by real life—living things. You can look at you garden and watch your own livestock from your kitchen window.

Your kids are learning about life. They know where their food is coming from, and they are responsible for some of that. They are able to follow their desires and passions, whether it is growing food, flowers, or animals. Their world is unlimited. They run around and play, and you don’t have to worry. They have become much more self-sufficient and confident. They are no longer addicted to the DS, text messaging, or video games.

You know your neighbors. They are ready to help you with a phone call and when you pass on the road, they always make time to stop and say hello.

Water and electricity is cheaper.

Your family lives there too!

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