BeneTerra Realty

BeneTerra Consolidate Corporation (BCC) is the fast rising realty company behind Terra Ville Ecovillages. Located at the heart of Victorias, Negros Occidental, Terra Ville Ecovillages is here for one goal. We will build “The New Victorias”, a Victorias flourishing with superior homes, fine commercial centers, and magnificent tourist destinations, a Victorias where people work, play, and take pleasure in living quality lives.

Delighted villagers were produced by our highly successful pioneer project, Terra Ville Verano. Over 80% of the village was sold. The residents are enjoying the “Terra Ville Lifestyle”, living in secured homes and relishing themselves in the verdant surroundings while enjoying access to the town proper. More excited clients came in after seeing the “Terra Cottage” of their friends. But we are just starting. More superb communities will rise soon. We will create the first complex blooming with complete amenities including parks, playgrounds, and pavilion among others. Now, we proudly present to you, “Terra Ville Velada”, the next phase of Terra Ville Ecovillages, blooming with bigger and better design houses. We at BeneTerra are always dedicated to one vision, to give you the best place at the end of the day.




We are Builders of superior houses. Each of our house models are carefully planned, drafted, and constructed by experts. We are here to make your everyday life fun, easy, and safe.

We Raise the bar in real estate living. We introduce organized villages to enhance the Victorianon’s lifestyle. Our adept planners put together their heads to put together a village encompassing superior houses, wide roads, nature’s abundance, modern necessities, and all the enjoyable amenities.

We are Every family’s choice. We strive to remain the finest real estate company in Victorias. We make first-class houses and exemplary living experience.

We are The giver of opportunities. We want to give opportunities to women, especially to housewives. We develop mothers into competent salespersons and empowered individuals. 



  We will build “The New Victorias”, a Victorias flourishing with superior homes, fine commercial centers, and magnificent tourist destinations, a Victorias where people work, play, and take pleasure in living quality lives.

Core Values


Energy to Excel We have the drive to make things possible. We acknowledge that we are yet a blossoming company. We feel responsible to make the company grow. We are happy to face challenges. We are all problem-solvers.

Love for work We love our job and the people that we work with. Because we love our job, we enjoy doing our task and we autograph our output with excellence. Because we love our co-workers, we remain loyal to the company and we become considerate and approachable so that we can maintain a delightful working relationship with each other. When we make decisions, we make decisions for the greater good.

Faith in the company’s vision We are united by a vision. We continually reinvent ourselves to deliver better outputs and move forward to our ultimate goal of building “The New Victorias”.

Friendship with our clients We care for our clients the way we care for our friends. We want them to enjoy their “Terra Ville Life”. When we make a promise to them, it feels like we are making a promise to a friend.

Accountability We enjoy being empowered to implement our ideas. Thankful for that freedom, we promise to  be responsible.

Company Objectives


Growth We aim to build one house right after another, one village right after another. We will have a commercial center soon. We will grow our way to The New Victorias.

Leverage in the obstacles We see the current discomfort as an opportunity for us to do something for Victorias. Everything that we build is geared towards to improvement of the municipality.

Improve the Experience We are overjoyed that many are now relishing in the “Terra Ville Lifestyle”. But this is not enough for us. We promise to further improve our services as we believe that happy clients bring in their friends.

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