The Future Victorias

The Eden City

What comes into your mind when you hear the phrase “the perfect home for men and women”? The garden of Eden of course.

But what makes the garden of Eden perfect? Because it has everything you need.


You’re secured. You breath fresh air. The place is wonderful. And everything you need is within your reach.


This remarkable garden is the inspiration of BeneTerra land.


We want to craft the perfect place. You live, shop, work, and play all around a delightful place. You save yourself gasoline and effort. You go home refreshed and energetic and you manage to play with your kids. You live an ideal life.

We have a noble dream for Victorias. Soon, it will be an eco-city. It will be a modern-day Eden. All you need is there.



Terra Ville Ecovillages


A perfect home is made up of a superb house and a lovely  community. In TerraVille Ecovillages, Villagers will enjoy the  parks and playgrounds, pavilion, and football field.


The Terra Shops


Name one good thing about living in a city. Malls. Malls are the perfect place to relax and get everything that the  family enjoys.

Mothers and daughters will enjoy the boutiques and beauty shops.

Fathers and sons will enjoy the sports equipments and CD stores.

Books, magazines, and school and art supplies will be ready in the bookstore.



The Terra Joys


Everyone deserves to have fun.

At the Terra Joys, families can bond with movies and rides.

For girls, beauty is happiness. Girls will love going to the saloon to have manicure and get their locks in perfect bounce.

Men will stay in perfect shape in the gym.


The Terra Walks

Hand uncorking a wine bottle

People are people. Have fun with friends, meet the new people, and make the most out of life with The Terra Walks.


The Terra Resort


Enjoy the best of nature in Victorias with The Terra Resort.

View the terra cottages

2 thoughts on “The Future Victorias

  1. angeles says:

    still drawing…prove it first. all pictures are edited.

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