The TerraVille Lifestyle

A Safe Place to Live

a safe place

Wherever you are, you can be sure that your family is in good hands. TerraVille Ecovillages has an entourage gate and guardhouse. The Village is kept exclusive by a perimeter fence.


Be Amazed with Life

Be Amazed With Life

Children and kid’s at heart will enjoy using up all their energies in the parks and playground.


The pavilion is conveniently ready for your next big gathering. The football field in perfect for father and son bonding.

Wider roads, trees, and verdant surroundings complete the dream village.




Relishing in nature’s bliss does not always mean getting away from the comforts of modern necessities.


TerraVille Ecovillages is accessible to Lopues Supermarket and Victorias Commercial Center. It is 5 minutes away from Victorias Proper.


Stable and Affordable Electricity and Water


What’s the best thing about modern rural living? Water and electricity are available and much more affordable. Electricity is powered by Vresco. Water is provided by Victorias Water District.


No worries on the payment. We understand you.


Name two things that keep people from buying a house. Available money and the endless document processing.

With BeneTerra Land, they are not a problem. Our one-of-a-kind houses are available through  PAG-IBIG.

Our adept documentation expert will take care of the loan processing. 

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